Independent Provider of Digital Content
and Digital Content Distribution Systems.

InProdicon is a leading provider of White Label Subscription Solutions (SaaS) and Digital Music Content (CaaS).

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Unlike monolithic solutions, InProdicon’s music solution was designed from day one to integrate with internal (legacy) platforms and third party solutions. We realize that the music space is dynamic, and that what works (or is hot) today, may not be so hot tomorrow.



For customers wishing to build their own service with a unique user interface InProdicon can, through its APIs, supply secure and approved delivery of content.



It is not only with regards to branding that InProdicon’s service is flexible. To partners wishing to focus mainly on marketing of the music service, InProdicon can provide a complete turnkey solution with integrated payment methods, content, branding, reporting and editorial support and expertise.


Embrace the Future!

InProdicon believes that a music platform should support the customer’s business (and not the other way around). The platform is designed to support change, not block it. The InProdicon platform embraces the future of digital music. It doesn’t fight it.